Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Round 4

Well with a 24mph headwind today was never going to be an ideal day. Despite it being the shortest day (mileage terms) it has been gruesome struggle along the Lochs and around Ben Nevis to our hotel in Ballachulish.

Breakfast meeting times and departure time are getting progressively later as everyone looks to take advantage of the rest time. The thought of going outside in the drizzle to cycle up some more hills is definitely nightmare material.

I am sure you have accustomed to our breakfast routine, and you will be glad to know that it stayed the same today.

With a quick wander and inspection of the locks in Fort Augustus we set off on Day 4 (it feels more like Day 40). With us still unsure of our route we thought we'd try cycling directly along the canal, only to ask some passing mountain bikers what the trail was like, "I wouldn't recommend it, I struggled with these tyres". With our Welsh, never say die attitude we rode on. A few miles up up with some wonderful peaceful views we encountered some rough terrain, but thankfully nothing out of the ordinary on the Welsh valleys (the mountain bikers must have been English!).

With some long hills and some strong headwind we started our ride to lunch. Narrow roads and some wannabe rally drivers left Geoff in a road rage incident. A van cutting him up and honking his horn, Geoff started on hot pursuit and made sure he shouted his mind, I am sure that the van driver will be more wary of cyclists from now on!

Chips for lunch, needn't say any more.

Rain and wind this afternoon was not the sort of cocktail the ladies were expecting, but it was horrible concoction nonetheless. One that they hope to make up for with some deserved glasses of wine tonight.

View from the hotel

And here is what you have all been waiting for, the results of 'Duck day' (chosen by Ed) on X Factor are in and despite some moans and groans from other contestants, Freddie managed to woo the judges with his sterling performance. Julian seems to be taking this competition very seriously, and whilst his impersonation of Daffy duck all had us laughing, the judges felt that it was all too commercial (not something that comes into Simon Cowell's mind on the real X Factor!)

Also, I feel the need to point out that there were no additional tea/cake breaks today. However, the tuck shop is almost empty.


  1. What a wonderful experience!! Scotland will never be the same. Have heard that the shopkeepers in Scotland are all patiently waiting for you. They have displayed all their goodies. What about haggis and malt whiskey? for stamina. I am with you and am cycling as well (in the gym)!!!

  2. On reflection I felt that my first comment although true, was flippant and lacking in admiration and encouragement for this gruelling undertaking. So to make up for it ...Well done everyone, because no way would I be doing it, I'd be too scared. You rightly deserve all the food you can eat. By the way Scottish curry - any difference?

  3. Freddies duck impression must have been phenomenal as i know from years of him doing it that dads daffy duck is second to none.

    keep it going guys

    Chaz x