Saturday, 14 August 2010

Are we nearly there yet?

692 miles done, 65 miles remaining.

After what seemed like an impossible task in the beginning, only one leg stands in the way of us finishing the 757 miles journey from John O'Groats through Ireland returning to our home town of Cowbridge. The journey has seen many lows (energy levels and moods) and many highs (hills) and despite loving it all, we are all looking forward to some well earned lazy days at home and lie ins.

This shall be the penultimate blog as I am sure that with more people joining us tomorrow it will prove to be an eventful day with tales worth telling and pictures worth seeing.

Today wasn't a very historic day at all and was an extremely short day in comparison. After yet another cooked breakfast, we set off from our hotel in Rhayader heading to Llangoed (well not straight away, it was raining outside so we had a bit of a sit down until the rain stopped). With a very speedy 10 miles along the A470 we reached the town of Builth Wells. With breakfast only an hour ago, we had some time to kill so naturally headed for a coffee shop and similarly to all the other coffee shop breaks, Julian raided the cake counter and bought them out of cakes.

A bit of excitement was when much to the horror of the pedestrians, Freddie's sunglasses fell off, unfortunately landed on his chain and not wanting to pedal and crush the glasses he sacrificed his knees and toppled over (he has cycling shoes with cleats that clip into the pedal).

Cycling on to our hotel we arrived significantly earlier than usual giving us time to sample their afternoon tea. With a quick game of croquet over, the women are 'foofing' themselves for dinner tonight and tomorrows final ride while the men are taking a quick nap to recharge the batteries.

Tomorrows ride sees us leave Llangoed at 9.30, arriving at Brecon around 10.30 and Merthyr (by the civic centre) at 12.30, continuing on the Traff trail and then the A48. It would be great to see you all join us tomorrow, whether it be on the bike or back in Cowbridge where we hope to be back by 6.

Here is the entertainment correspondence to fill you in on the X factor results.

For the avid follower of our X factor, last nights performance prove to be yet another entertaining night with Fred choosing the "horse " as our animal for the evening. the standard was yet again very high with not only the neighing and clip clopping but with lots of galloping around the room to add to their rendition . You can tell we must be nearing the finals as the competitiveness has moved to a new level especially as Isabel demonstrated her beast dumping its load in fairness it was one of the most ladylike dumps ever witnessed!! The final 4 were Is, Caroline,Jess and Johnnie they left us feeling we were actually in a ranch!! JG came through as a very convincing Stallion and was the winner.
Tonight we are apprehensive about the x factor as we have managed to clear every restaurant we have ever performed in and Llangoed hall has\actually requested that we\all wear jackets shirts and ties so I am sure they will not appreciate our animal antics!!!

P.s. Phones don't have a great signal here


  1. Well done on making front page of the Gem today - Any news from Land's End?

  2. Someone save me a copy of the Gem as not back in the UK until 22nd. Did send a well done text to Est's phone but not sure if it was received. So just in case 'Well Done' to you all from the O'Neills. Look forward to hearing about all the unprintable stories that didn't make it into the blog!