Thursday, 12 August 2010

Criccieth to Aberdyfi

I’m sorry for leaving yesterday’s post rather unfinished but my phone was on the brink of dying and I wasn’t prepared to risk losing what I had already written.

Carrying on from the unfinished bridge we admired the views as we descended into the small seaside town of Criccieth. The last two miles are always the hardest as you know how close you are, but everyone usually splits up and gets lost as we hunt for the hotel, yesterday was no exception. A warm welcome party of Auntie Lisa and Auntie Jeffrey greeted us with a proudly waived Welsh Flag (thank you to Southerdown Golf Club for lending it!) and some much needed beverages.

With a quick shower we met downstairs for some more drinks and some tasty food. With it being Harry’s last night Judge Hole once against held a kangaroo court session to punish the misdemeanours of the last few days. Notable charges included;

Esther Hitchcock - Obtaining more shoes through Josh’s visit to Dublin and getting Auntie Lisa to bring extra clothes.

Geoff Graham – Road Rage.

Julian Hitchcock – Some particularly tragic cycling outfits.

X Factor also got under way with Rachel having the honour on deciding upon the topic. Have a look at the video below to try and ascertain what you think the finalists of Geoff, Jess, Esther and Auntie Lisa are impersonating.

Also, I have been informed that the last video I posted didn’t actually show Pauls cow impression; it was a breakdown in communication and understanding between the filming crew and editing staff! Should be below:

After some drinks to celebrate another type of result and some banter with the newcomers we hit the sack for some much needed sleep.

Waking up to a Welsh fry up we got on our way with Superman to Criccieth castle. Cycling on to Portmaddog the heavens opened and even Superman’s powers were ineffective as the rain drenched us all. Feeling the need to thaw out we stopped off at Harlech for a cake break. While some went to explore the castle, others took the chance to challenge themselves against a 40% gradient hill! The incline was so steep that you had to get off and walk down part the hill as applying the brakes was a futile attempt at slowing down! With a car interrupting JG’s first attempt up the perilous incline it was his bike that came off worse at the second try as the chain snapped under the pressure.

With a quick pit stop we had to say goodbye to Superman and Auntie Lisa as their help was needed elsewhere. They helped spurred us on through the Welsh rain and would be welcomed back to the tour anytime.

Getting back on the wet road to Aberdyfi we had our worst accident so far with Jess hitting a curb and bouncing along the road. Thankfully all is well after some first aid attention by on call Dr. Graham and a scone break shortly afterwards. Some onlookers have argued that Freddie was out to avenge his earlier scuffle with Jess, but when questioned by Sky Sports Freddie strongly denied any such motive.

Cycling on some memorable roads with some picturesque views; people cycling close to Geoff stated that they could sense him itching to lash out on motorists as they came close when passing him. Its hard to think that a man that loves his naps can get so agitated.

Arriving safely I’ll keep you posted with tonight’s antics.


  1. Could it be a goose? Or a swan perhaps. Have to think longer on this one. They were all very good though.

  2. Auntie Lisa and Auntie Jeffery alias Superman would like to applaud the true superheroes doing the Celtic Cycle challenge.

    Superman however having a little taster of the challenge (19 miles Well done Jeff) now has his sore little areas wrapped in cryptonite to re charge hopefully to join for final leg of the trip on Sunday.

    Auntie Lisa who is now exhausted from the trip having had to learn how to use her sat nav is actually lost for words for what they are putting themselves through. Forget the cream tea stops, THOSE HILLS !!!

    Good Luck for your cycle down through Wales
    What a team !!!!!

    See everyone Sunday to cheer them home, bring your welsh flags if you have one as mine has to go back up the flag pole in the golf club !

  3. Oh dear, yes sorry forgot about X factor, apologies to rest of hotel guests, staff and management for the noise, but have to say it was nice to see Geoff awake although as you can see it didn't last long

  4. Obviously a peacock impression the hand actions gave it away, but geoff's cock was definately the best!