Sunday, 8 August 2010

Downpatrick to Dundalk

Despite yesterdays promise I am really sorry to say that I have typed up the blog, but the B&B we are stayin in doesn't have internet! We leave for Dublin tomorrow and I'll be sure to post the blog as soon we get there.


  1. My Dad used to stay in Dublin to do flight training. My Mum rang his hotel on one occasion and asked to speak to Captain de Garis from Dan Air. The receptionist replied that she couldn't find a Captain de Garis but they had a Captain Mitchell from British Midland if that would do! Love the Irish

  2. Hello, I met you guys in Carrickfergus, County Antrim on Saturday at the Ulster Kit Car Club. I was one of the first aiders there. I hope you guys enjoyed your brief visit to Northern Ireland and that the trip goes well for you.

  3. Paul you were stupendous so I had to give you a vote. I also, of course, voted for Jules. The blog tonight was superb. Give the writer a well deserved Guiness.