Saturday, 7 August 2010

Ahh to be sure to be sure...

I am really sorry but tonights blog will have to be brief. We have just got into the pub/inn in Downpatrick after what turned out to be an eventful day. Being a saturday night and the first night in Ireland, the Guiness is already taking its toll and wi fi isn't available (the wonder of blackberrys). I promise that ill update more tomorrow and given the glorious weather we have more photos than normal!

Have a good night and think of us tomorrow as you enjoy your day off as we cycle to Dundalk.

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  1. The wonders of technology on the move! i am posting my comment from terminal 5 at Heathrow. although I will have to wait for a little more information about your last 2 days of cycling before being able to leave my usual witty comments. Glad you've all made it to Ireland in one piece and that the weather has imprved for you.