Monday, 2 August 2010

Round 2

Yesterday at dinner bought some interesting moments. For some unknown reason, but most definitely attributed to alcohol we have now decided to introduce our very own X Factor competition.

The first live audience round was labelled a 'sheep night', with everyone having to produce their best sheep noise. With our very own Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole on the next table (who were having a romantic dinner before we we came along), it was narrowed down to a final four; Rachel, Julian, Harry and Lydia. Whilst Lydia was very confident in her own abilities due to years of bleating it was a close run competition between Rachel and Harry, with the jnr. coming out on top. Despite Rachel getting into character Cowell (a sheep farmer) criticised her tone for being more in line with a Lamb as opposed to a Sheep, a cardinal sin in his book.

The table conversation also bought us some excitement as Paul let slip that someone famous was flying into Wick in the morning to join us for a cycle leg, great excitement built within the group, more on this later...

Retiring to the fireplace in the lounge we attempted to take advantage of the 210 bottles of Whiskey on offer at the bar. With the choice left to the waitress we came away feeling very stitched up as the general consensus was that the general aroma was very similar to Listerine.

With a good sleep, we all excitedly hurried to breakfast in the hope of meeting Paul's celebrity friend. Geoff was still getting his head round it all as he was confident Wick airport wouldn't open until 10, when in he walked...Superman!

Again with a full Scottish breakfast to fuel us until the first chocolate bar stop, we got under way with the hope that today would be a fairly straightforward and flat ride.

With the first couple of hills under way, the battle for the front began. Jess had obviously been watching the Tour de France and took inspiration from Mark Renshaw's head butt ( by cutting Freddie up, forcing him into the verge on the side of the road and crashing into the grass bank! Interviewed afterwards by Sky Sports Freddie seemed shaken up by the whole incident and has asked for a stewards inquiry into the attack. Jess was approached by BBC but has declined to comment.

Despite this early altercation, we managed to build upon our average speed of 13.2mph yesterday, speeding along at an impressive 13.9mph. This was mainly attributed to the brilliant work of Rachel (our Guardian Angel) who was always on hand for moral support, but more importantly chocolate!

With some stiff limbs being moaned about we have resorted to comfort food tonight, with the Indian booked for 8 o clock. More tomorrow.

Some action shots from today:


  1. This is sounding more like the Celtic Food and Drink challenge! I'm getting a very intimate portrait of what you all have for breakfast, the numerous chocolate stops and the vast quantities of whiskey consumed of a night time. This potential gourmet extravaganza was all kept very quiet during the build up. Actually whilst I'm writing this comment you're all in the Indian - scoffing. Will check in to see day 3's menu choices tomorrow. Keep up the good work. Mel x

  2. Fantastic to see you all looking well and in one piece! Really enjoying following you.


    Roddy and Peter