Saturday, 31 July 2010


Well after what seems like days travelling on planes, trains and automobiles we have finally arrived at destination Sea View Hotel, John O'Groats.

I don't think today could be any further from what the ideal pre challenge day could be. Loaded with our pack lunches and luggage we set off to Cardiff airport. In full holiday spirit we embraced the bar for a quick drink and boarded what look like a toy plane. While we chatted with feelings of excitement and nervousness, someone in the group was overheard asking what the time difference in Scotland was (they shall remain anonymous, but I have no doubt that such comments will be frequent during the next two weeks!).

The brief stop in Edinburgh train station allowed for the replenishment of picnic supplies, thankfully a Marks & Spencer's was nearby and I think we bought them out of the buckets of Rocky Roads and Chocolate Cakes. Needless to say, most of it was gone by the time the train had even started moving. As the train slowly moved its way through the Scotitish Highlands the challenge ahead seemed to have dawned on us all, with Caroline in particular showing signs of hysteria as the train stopped at Aviemore, the Scottish ski resort.

Arriving at Inverness we looked for more food and found a chip shop that was very happy as our order reached 10 Burgers and Chips! Rather than stacking up on carbohydrates, the sensible attitude, we seem to have adopted a boxing approach, by eating as much fatty food as we can to stack on some weight before round one starts. We shall be sure to inform 0lance should this method of attack prove successfull!

The final stage of our trek took place on a mini bus and everyone seemed to adopt the approaxh of 'ignorance is bliss' by taking part in an impromptu team nap as the hills started to appear. Although as we got closer to John O'Groats we were informed by the driver that we could open our eyes as we weren't likely to see anything through the thick fog and sleet we were driving through!

Meanwhile the men have accomplished something great already by getting the camper van and trailer equipped with kit and Esthers wadrobe up in one piece!

I'll post some photos of our journey and first day on the bike tomorrow!

Bed time.

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  1. An epic start to an epic journey.
    Good luck and hope you have a following wind all the way home. While in Bonny Scotland, I'd highly recommend the deep fried Mars Bars!